Recovery Stories

Heather Thomas was the one who gave me hope of recovery.

She was my ‘Lightning Process’ instructor in July of 2008 in Oslo, Norway. Here is her own story:

I used to believe that full recovery from long-term ME might not be possible, and would definitely be difficult.  I know now, that’s not true… I want to help as many people as possible, to know as I do, that it’s not true…

I heard about the Lightning Process at a time when I had been ill with ME for sixteen years. I was diagnosed by Professor Pinching at Barts Hospital. For twelve of those years I was severely affected and bed-bound 24 hours a day. I had pain, sleep disturbances, was unable to walk at all, digestive  problems, and the usual range of ME symptoms. I had tried almost every possible treatment, supplement and approach, to try to find a way back to health and a life. A long period of psychotherapy was an interesting journey, but made no difference to my health whatsoever. The health problems had actually started even earlier when I was much younger with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). The ME itself started with viral meningititis. From then on I never fully recovered and eventually spiraled down into total confinement to bed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was unable to do anything for myself. I had given up trying any new approaches to recover after so many cycles of disappointments. I had spent a lot of money over the years and gained no real lasting improvements.

When I heard stories about this process helping people with ME so dramatically, I was sceptical. My experience to that point had shown that this just couldn’t be possible. But the stories on the website were particularly intriguing because of the speed of the change. I decided that if there was a chance to make such a change I had to take it, and I applied for a place on a seminar. The idea of making such a recovery seemed incredible and maybe too much to hope for, but I had to believe that if others could do it, then so could I.

After a long six-week wait for my appointment, I struggled to get to the course at Phil Parker’s clinic in London for 10.00am. This was a BIG challenge as I felt particularly bad in the mornings and rarely functioned at all before midday. Three life-changing days later, I had been taught how I could influence my body and my symptoms, how to use a process to regain my health and energy. Those three days were an amazing journey. I proved  to myself that it was working as I walked further than I had in 16 years, and suffered no symptoms afterwards except aching feet and muscles that weren’t used to walking. This is the feeling which normally occurs after using a muscle which is functioning normally, but not yet accustomed to exercise. This is very different from the feeling in your muscles when you have ME.

The following week I continued to make remarkable progress, I was sleeping well and waking at 8am, my body was functioning healthily, I could eat everything I wanted, and what was truly wonderful was that, I was making it work; it wasn’t luck or chance or someone else giving me a pill or a treatment; I was getting back in charge.

At long last I had an explanation that made perfect sense about what had been happening all those years; The catch 22 explanation (click here) made complete sense and I recognized that I was stuck in a negative spiral where my immune system, healing and digestion were not able to function properly. I was then taught how to break that spiral. Breaking that spiral then resulted in a rapid change in energy and health.

During the training I had also watched the other people in the group getting well too. I knew that this was a ground-breaking approach. It didn’t just show me how to get my health back, it gave me a way to improve my ways of thinking in other areas of my life too.

I had to decide what to do with the next stage of my life, I realized that the only thing that made sense would be to train to teach others this extraordinary process. To make use of the extensive experience I had with ME, I undertook the Practitioner Training with Phil Parker and I now run seminars in Rickmansworth, (near Watford/London), Herts, in Norway, Germany and South Africa.

The training is not only for recovering from ME, people with depression, anxiety and a wide range of other conditions can use it to learn how to live happy, balanced lives.

Many people are now recommended to me by GPs, Consultants and Chiropractors. These recoveries can appear easy and miraculous to other people, but it takes much focus and determination to make and maintain the results. If you decide to apply for a Seminar, make sure that you are ready for a lot of challenging work in order to achieve the change you want.

My life has been utterly transformed, I now have a very happy life. I have fully recovered from not only the ME, but also fully recovered from IBS too.


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