My Husband’s Assessment

I am writing this note as someone who has first-hand seen the remarkable effect of the Lightning Process in patients with “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”.

I am myself a physician, US trained and board certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. I am a full time clinical faculty member of the Loma Linda University School of Medicine in Loma Linda, CA.

My wife had for more than 10 years suffered from a condition diagnosed as ”Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. This is a debilitating disease affecting an estimated 1 to 4 million Americans. Patients with this condition are seriously impaired and at least a quarter are unemployed or on disability1.

The etiology (cause) of this condition is the subject of ongoing research. An article (October, 2009) in the prestigious journal, Science2, suggested that there may be a retroviral infection (XMRV) associated with the illness, but subsequent studies have failed to reproduce this data, and it’s now felt the original data may have been due to a laboratory contamination with the virus3. A recently published pilot study4 from the University of Bergen, Norway suggest that the immune-modulating drug Retuximab may be helpful (suggesting the mechanism of the illness may be auto-immune), but this is only one study and will need to be confirmed.  The bottom line is that there is still no known cure for this condition by traditional medical therapy5. In my wife’s case she was not willing to accept the poor prognosis, and was constantly searching for reports of successful treatment strategies. She consulted several physicians obtaining state-of-the-art traditional medical therapy, and also spent thousand of dollars pursuing a variety of alternative treatments with very little success. In the spring of 2008 she became aware of reports of several severely disabled patients in Europe who had experienced remarkable recoveries by a method of treatment developed by Mr. Phil Parker in London, England. As a physician I was looking for randomized, controlled trials proving it’s effects, but also realizing it might take years before such documentation would become available. As a spouse I therefore performed my own ‘research’, reading reports and personally contacting patients claiming recovery. I was soon convinced that there would be little harm, and potentially much to gain – and I therefore fully supported Berit as she signed up for a 3 day course in July, 2008 in Norway.

The recovery has been remarkable! I am by nature a skeptic and have admittedly become very cynical when it comes to, what I have come to regard as, the predatory practices some service-providers have developed on this most vulnerable group of patients so desperate to restore their health.

What sets the Phil Parker’s ‘Lightning Process’ apart from most of the other programs I have evaluated is that – in addition to providing remarkable results – It does not require a life-long dependence on medications, supplements or therapy. The patients are taught the skills to manage their own recovery.

I will admit I had actually given up hope of recovery for my wife. My focus had become to develop strategies for our family to make sure that her limited energy would be preserved for the activities that would allow our children to experience her support. This, as an example, meant carefully planning our weekends so as to not have more than one ‘major’ activity in one day. We had to choose – should mom go with us to church or should she preserve her energy for a picnic in the park, or a visit to some friends home in the evening. She was, however, seldom able to attend school events like band-concerts etc., and our kids were painfully missing her presences.

The value of the recovery we have experienced is priceless. Is she ‘cured’?  Well, that’s a difficult question for me to answer – as there are no biological markers for the disease.  She lives as if she is, however, and no longer qualifies for the diagnostic criteria for the illness.  We are well aware of the potential that exists for relapse as life will continue to have it’s challenges, but she has gained invaluable tools that she uses when she meets the expected and unexpected demands in her life, and what a gift it is to be able meet them with a more ‘normal’ measure of energy!  She is now not only fully engaged in our family again, but gainfully employed as a nurse and devotes part of her time to help others in their recovery.

I am most grateful – and so are our children and our extended family.

Geir P. Frivold, MD, FACC

November 27, 2011

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