Encouraging reading…

It’s rather inspiring to have the chance of following-up my clients for an entire year after the 3 day training sessions.  The transformations they experience is often priceless.   Here are a few excerpts of what some of them have put in writing, and given me permission to share on my website – you can read more from each of them by clicking ‘here’

…”At that point I’d had CFS for about 12 years and  I had tried almost every treatment out there – from Antibiotics to Zen.  Although much of what I did had helped, I was still sick, I was still suffering, and my life was still disintegrating. To say that I felt desperate is an understatement.  Berit and Lightning Process seemed like the last hope.

Three days later at the end of the training I was transformed. I was able to function at a level that was inconceivable just a week before. I returned to New York and started to build my life again. And I’m still building. ”

- Simone, NY

…”Now I use the LP every day, sometimes many times a day, as an automatic part of life. My physical health and energy have made a big leap forward since then and continue to improve. I have a new awareness of my ability to direct my own emotions and thoughts instead of letting them dominate me. As a result, I feel calmer, healthier, more energetic, and more capable of creating a life I love…..”
- Ian, Northern California

…”More than a year after taking the training, I continue to be amazed at how much easier, richer and more joyful my life has become with these transformational tools.  I can’t help but imagine how the world could be transformed if everyone had access to this powerful, life-changing teaching”.
- Amanda,  Portland, OR

…”The Lightning Process is intriguingly simple, but it has been effective in my case and because it has made a huge difference in my life for the better, I am more grateful than I can say to Berit, Phil Parker, and my friends who made me aware of it.”
Timothy T,  California

…”All of this is tremendously exciting to me and to my husband and the friends who watched me suffer for so long.   When I was first considering trying the Lighting Process,  I found the fee for the workshop to be prohibitive. Now,  experiencing the results, the cost of the workshop seems like mere pennies. Suddenly, so much is possible.  Doing the Lightning Process is not easy, it requires tremendous commitment, but it works. Thank you Phil Parker. Thank you Berit!”
– S.E. Morris,  NM

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