4 years later – and still amazed

4 years later I’m still amazed at the way my own life has changed after attending the Lightning Process seminar (on July 4, 2008). Over the years I had almost come to accept that my life would remain severely limited by my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia. – Not even in my dreams did I think I could have the quality of life that I am experiencing. The added joy of assisting others to make changes to their lives is indescribable – it’s just so exciting to be able to witness this kind of restoration again and again!

I will soon be posting a collage of some of the stories my former clients are sending me and allowing me to share, but today I just wanted to share this video – I hope this can be of inspiration and give hope to others – who like me – are looking for answers.

What could happen to your life if you got ‘The Lightning Process’ in your tool box?