A Parent’s Nightmare Ended – ME/CFS Recovery Beyond Expectations

I recently received a very inspiring and uplifting letter from Tina Røe Skaar’s dad that I want to share with you.

You might remember that I posted a newspaper article of Tina’s story of recovery from ME/CFS in an earlier blog. (If you have not read her very moving story yet, here is a link).   Tina’s dad came across my blog on the internet and sent me a brief letter with some personal pictures the other day. He and Tina later gave me the permission to share them in my blog – so this is what I have done below.

Many of the people who contact me are intimately familiar with the pain this father must have gone through, seeing his daughter “wilt” in front of his eyes. The commitment of Tina’s father has many similarities to my own mom’s unfailing mission to keep looking for a solution, even as I was too ill and too discouraged to look for myself. (I have told the story of how my mom introduced me to The Lightning Process  (LP)  in this blogpost)

I share this letter with you in honor of the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the friends, the doctors and counselors, who keep looking out for those who are too weak to act on their own behalf.   Can you ‘feel’  his excitement?

Here is his letter:

On Feb 12, 2011, at 10:20 AM, Espen Skaar wrote:

Hello !

My name is Espen Skaar and I am Tina’s father. I first now found your article about Tina.  From 2006 till 2008 Tina was tied to her bed. But I refused to let her stay like that, so I tried everything until she (I am so grateful) got her life back with LP.

In January Tina (17) wanted to go senior class in Nordic Championship -73 kg for seniors, and won. She was also given the title “Taekwondo Athlete of the year 2010” in Norway .

Her life-values are much deeper than other youths at her age and she tells herself every morning, that a new great day is coming to her.

Taekwondo is a part of her and she is already climbing the world-ranking list.

I know that she has a new start in life and an experience to take care of the good things in life.

I will give a picture of Tina from Swedish Open (world ranking tournament) 6.feb. She took silver, only beaten by the senior European Champion Anastasia Barshynikova.

Thanks for fine word and all the best to you from us.

Med vennlig


Espen Skaar

Tina is hospitalized (2007) and has just been diagnosed with ME/CFS

Tina is waiting her turn to compete in the Swedish Open, Feb 6, 2011

Tina in Action