17 year old Tina Røe Skaar won gold in Taekwondu in the international competition Global Open arranged in Los Angeles this weekend.

The really interesting thing about Tina is that she has suffered severely from ME/CFS. Less than two years ago she was bed-bound with severe light and sound sensitivity, barely able to take care of her most basic needs like showering or using the restroom.

Then she attended a Lightning Process Seminar, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Read her story as told in Aftenposten (Norway’s largest newspaper) on October 30, 2010: http://www.aftenposten.no/nyheter/sport/article3881784.ece

(The Google translation is ‘choppy’ and does not read well, so I have provided my translation underneath the picture. – Click on the bar below to see Tina’s picture)

By Maria Nydal

She won the final 18-0 over Karten Baronas from USA in the Junior Heavy light class Friday Night (October 29, 2010)

The young girl from Romerike, (Norway),  who also is Nordic Champion, has recently excelled greatly. She won a large International competition in Manchester two weeks ago.

Next is the Norwegian Championship and the Paris Open, and she has also been elected to participate in a promotional project initiated the Norwegian Federation of Martial Arts.

Tina Røe Skaar’s history is almost like a fairytail, tells Dag Jacobsen in  the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation (Norsk Kampsportforbund).

Two years ago she was bed-bound with the fatigue syndrome ME.  For two years Tina Røe Skaar did not tolerate exposure to light or sound.  The ME/CFS caused her to be bed-bound and she barely managed to go to the restroom.

Taking a shower was the worst.  I had to use a chair in the shower to be able to clean up and I was only 15 years old.  It was hard to swallow my pride”, she says.

Today Tina is one of Norway’s greatest taekwondo talents and ranks number 14 in the world.

Believes in Olympic Gold

Tina became well in December, 2008. She has had a great season since, which culminated with Gold in a large international competition in Manchester in September this year. Additionally this girl from Romerike (Norway) won the Norwaycup and is reigning Nordic Champion.

When I regained my health, I set as my goal to participate in the Nordic Championship. My goal was just to participate.  And then I won Gold.  This was an unbelievable bonus which gave me motivation and proved that I was back (in the game). When I won in Manchester, I got the confirmation that I am ‘good’. Now I dare to dream about the Olympic and World Championships, she smiles.

And Tina’s coach, Inge Gammelli, believes in the chance of Olympic Gold.

Tina has an enormous self-dicipline. She has great talent and trains hard and long.

If she is not scared by the transition to senior-status next year, but continue to work just as hard, she will guaranteed take Olympic Gold in 5-6 years, he says.

Did not have the strength to get better

That thought was very distant two years ago.  After having been sick for one year she suddenly ‘reached bottom’. Drained of energy,and with intense chest pains she was rushed to the hospital. After two weeks at the University Hospital of Akershus she was diagnosed with ME. Her poor health continued for two years, in spite of trying many different therapies.

“I did not have energy for anything, and no motivation to get well. I did not even have the strength to want my health back.”

Then she tried the Lightning Process.

“I noticed improvement after the first day, and after a month I had recovered my health. I learned how to deal with stress and negative thoughts. I had to change my whole way of thinking, and gradually my energy and strength returned”, says Tina.

Came back to life

One month after she was declared well she attended her first taekwondo practice.

“ – Being back meant everything. I got my life back, and taekwondo is life!”

Tina says that the illness helped her grow. That she is stronger now.

“- I appreciate everything more now than I used to. I am also stronger psychologically, which is important in taekwondo. I will be a senior next year, and I expect challenges.

But I know I can move beyond it and aim for the World Championship and the Olympics in the future”, she says.

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