This is why I’m so excited about working with the Lightning Process!

A recent client sent me this E-mail today – and gave me her permission to post it on my blog.

“Fourteen years ago, in 1996, I collapsed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome following a respiratory flu. I was horribly ill, mostly bed-ridden for the first couple of years. My condition slowly improved over the next five years. Then, I had a serious and in some ways worse relapse in 2003. Again, my condition slowly improved, but I remained very limited in my activities, unable to walk even around the house at a normal pace without inducing intense fatigue the following day, nor could I lift anything even slightly heavy. I really could not do anything even remotely aerobic.  I was easily and deeply fatigued by ordinary stressors, and I was very sensitive to the sun and had to wear a hat at all times in the sun or I would suffer from inflammation and terrible headaches.  I had heard about the Lightning Process from my husband’s niece several years ago, and I had seen how well she was doing as a result of that training, but because she was so much younger than I, (she is now in her late 20’s and I’m in my middle 50’s) and because she did the Lightning Process a couple of years after she became ill and I had been ill for so long, I convinced myself that whatever it was that had helped her probably wouldn’t help me. Then, last summer I took another dive in terms of the illness. During that period my husband and I visited his family and I spent sometime around my healthy happy athletic niece. I started looking closely at the Lightening Process website, which led me to Berit Frivold, the Lightning Process trainer in the United States. I contacted her and from the start she was terrific. Respectful and clear in instructing me in how to proceed and setting up a date to attend a workshop as soon as possible in Loma Linda, California, where she is based. Berit was kind, thoughtful, encouraging and also firm in her instructions. The entire workshop was run efficiently at the same time that every effort was made to ensure the comfort and well-being of participants. Berit has continued to be supportive during the past five weeks since the workshop, as well. Here is the good news. On the last day, I left the workshop walking at a normal pace and carrying my heavy bag without any help and I felt fine the next day and the next, and so on. I will never ever forget the way I felt walking through the airport with a swing in my step to meet my husband. Such a liberation! This alone was cause for great joy. Then, a week later, I hiked up a steep trail in the mountains to an aspen grove I had not been able to walk to in eight years and I did so at a normal pace. The following weekend, I hiked two and half miles up a very steep trail to a lake (plus the two and half miles back down) — it was a hike I had been unable to do in fourteen years! Once I accomplished those two feats, I took on the sun and slowly over a period of about two weeks, I built up my system to where I am no longer wearing my hat. This is the real proof to me that the Lightening Process works. I am now walking about a mile in the sun everyday and at a normal pace, and sometimes I walk two miles.  All of this is tremendously exciting to me and to my husband and the friends who watched me suffer for so long.   When I was first considering trying the Lighting Process,  I found the fee for the workshop to be prohibitive. Now,  experiencing the results, the cost of the workshop seems like mere pennies. Suddenly, so much is possible.  Doing the Lightning Process is not easy, it requires tremendous commitment, but it works. Thank you Phil Parker. Thank you Berit!
– S.E. Morris”

To witness such life-enhancing transformation is rewarding beyond words. Can you see why I’m excited about my work? The sad reality is, however, the fact that there are scores of other people out there that could regain their vitality and greatly enhance their quality of life, but end up wasting some of their potentially most productive years of life in a desperate struggle with disabling fatigue. Because they don’t personally know anyone who have recovered in this way, they don’t believe it to be possible. The stories just sound too good to be true.
- I understand – I wouldn’t have thought it possible either – had it not been for my mother   (to read that story – click here)

The message is getting out, but it’s mostly through word of mouth – one client at the time…