Energy – A precious, priceless gift

Some people are able to see their experience with chronic illness as a blessing. I am not there yet, but after having suffered with ME/CFS for more than 13 years I have a bit of an idea of what they mean. Chronic illness and other trials teach you to appreciate life in a new way.  Now that I am enjoying vibrant health again – every day is an adventure, a precious gift to be enjoyed to it’s fullest and savored.

Today (July 17) has been one of those days – full of adventures and precious moments. I am on vacation with my family and some very dear friends exploring, swimming, sunbathing and fellowshipping at what must be on of the most spectacular places on earth.  We have spent a ‘lazy’ and wonderful week on a houseboat on beautiful Lake Powell on the Utah/Arizona border.   The surroundings are magical, and we have spent the week in our own private bay with the most amazing view. Today, however, we decided to go an explore some other parts of this lake (with a shore-line longer than the west coast of the US). We saw the amazing Rainbow Bridge National Monument and went all the way to the end of the ‘Forbidding Canyon’.

I am so grateful that after all these years of illness and the resulting social isolation – I can engage in ‘life’ again with my husband and kids – what a priceless gift – no longer taken for granted.

(Written in my diary on 7/17/10 – but not posted immediately- as we had no internet access)

Photographs simply cannot capture the size of this monolith. The world’s largest natural bridge, Rainbow Bridge is 290 feet (88 m) tall, spans 275 feet (84 m), is 33 feet (10 m)wide and 42 feet (13 m) thick. It is called “Nonnoshoshi” by the Navajo people, or “rainbow turned to stone.”

Forbidding Canyon